Paddleboarding? In Špindl? Yes, a popular water sport that could be also done in mountain resort. While arriving in Špindlerův Mlýn, on the right side is situated a “Labská dam lake” popular not only for tourists, fishermen, cyclists, or zip-liners, but also for water-sports enthusiasts.

One of the great predispositions for paddleboarding is steady water allowing beginners to firstly test their skills and see how they like it. In addition to that, next to the lake is a small "beach" from where you can leave your clothes and start your ride.

If you are travelling as a couple or a family, it is certain the moments you spent with each other are most valuable. Therefore, you may appreciate the possibility of sailing in two persons as the paddleboard has a length of almost three meters which is suitable for a fast and stable ride including two quality paddles with adjustable height.

How do you feel about trying it by yourself? Would you like to try this activity for the first time or are you already a professional? No matter in which phase you are in because in any case we will be happy to lend you a paddleboard with all the equipment and instruction for 480, - CZK for the whole day.

What can we offer you?

  • Instructions for safe handling of the paddleboard
  • Tips for comfortable and efficient sailing
  • Rental of a paddleboard with an inflatable pump, leash and two paddles (classic and carbon) in one practical backpack for easy handling
  • Two life jackets

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