Would you like to stay close to hiking trails and also mountain views? You've come to the right place! We are located only six hundred meters from the the first hiking path. From this strategic place you can reach the city center within ten minutes, the lift to Medvědín in twenty minutes, Horní Mísečky in twenty-five minutes, Vrbatova Bouda in an hour and a half, but for a nice view you just have to step onto the the balcony or terrace. If you are a family, you will especially appreciate our small inside children’s playground or a large garden which is suitable for various sports. 

What can we offer you?

  • Storage for sports equipment
  • FREE rental of professional trekking poles
  • 10% discount for various sports activities - adventure park, zip line, quads, bicycle, scooters…
  • Advice and assistance in choosing a suitable route according to condition / weather
  • Snacks for hiking
  • Maps for better orientation

Route - miller’s trails

Miller‘s trails are located across Špindlerův Mlýn and its surroundings, passing through the quiet zones of the Krkonoše nature outside the traffic routes. They are especially suitable for families with children, who can enjoy a lot of fun along the route at several playgrounds and also learn interesting facts about history. All trails start in the city park at the statue of Špindlerovský Miller, which is twelve minutes by foot from our guesthouse - near to Savoy Hotel.

The paths are marked according to the miller’s scarf:

Miller’s nature foot trail – green track – 1,1km

Miller’s round trail – red track – 2,8km – suitable for strollers

Miller’s hike – blue track – 3,1km

Mlynářovy toulky

Route - Vrbatova bouda, Memorial of Hanč & Vrbata and Dvoračky

You can start this trip at the lower station of the Medvědín cable car. Ride the cable car up to an altitude of 1235 meters above sea level and continue along the mountain ridge, passing through Šmídova Viewpoint, all the way to Vrbata's Hut (5 km). This route is more suitable for pedestrians, but for strollers, it's better to take the asphalt road from the upper station of the cable car directly to Vrbata's Hut (7.5 km).

The second option is to set off from our guesthouse along the water pipeline towards Horní Mísečky (3 km). There are three paths at Horní Mísečky. One follows an asphalt road to Vrbata's Hut (4.5 km), perfect for families with strollers. The second offers great views. Along the red hiking trail, you'll ascend a rocky path through the forest, with stunning panoramic views of Trosky and Ještěd after 1.5 km (total of 3 km from Horní Mísečky).

The last option is to use the bus from Jilemnice's Hut to Zlaté návrší, running every half hour during the summer season.

At Vrbata's Hut, you can enjoy blueberry dumplings or traditional Krkonoše sour soup. The Vrbata's Monument above the hut recalls an brave event of cross-country skiers from 1913. From the viewpoint at Harrachov Rocks (800 m), you'll see the valley and Kotel, the highest mountain in the Liberec region (1435 m above sea level). From here, you can continue along the red trail to Dvoračky with a renowned restaurant (3 km) and return to Horní Mísečky (7 km) through Kotelní Jámy.

Route - Sněžka, the highest mountain in the Czech republic

You should visit Sněžka – it is one of the most interesting places in the Czech Republic. With its elevation of 1,602 meters above sea level, it is the highest mountain of the Czech Republic. Sněžka Mountain is a major landmark of the eastern part of the Krkonoše Mountains.

The summit of the Sněžka Mountain is a frequent tourist destination accessible through numerous tourist paths. The summit can be reached either on foot or you may take the ropeway from Pec pod Sněžkou. As the Sněžka mountain is the highest point in the area, you may enjoy a great panoramic view of the surroundings from its summit. Receptions desk of our boarding house will gladly provide you with detailed information for planning a trip from Špindlerův Mlýn up to the Sněžka Mountain.

The average year-round temperature at the summit of the mountain reaches only about 0.2 °C. Border between the Czech Republic and Poland leads through the summit of the Sněžka Mountain. The summit can be reached by the ropeway from Pec pod Sněžkou some 4.5 km away. The northern Polish side falls down to Lomnička River Valley, the southern side to Obří důl, western side to Úpa Moor, and the eastern side passes into Obří hřbet.

Sněžka was given its name in the 19th century. It comes from the word Sněžná (Snowy) – or “covered by snow”. The first Czech name was Pahrbek Sněžný (Snowy hillock), then it was called Sněžovka, and from 1823 it has been called Sněžka.

The summit of the mountain is rocky and its area is about 120,000 m².

The first recorded climb dates back to 1456, when a man from Venice searched for precious stones in the mountains. A Silesian scientist, Kryštof Schilling, was trying to measure altitude of the mountain from 1563 until 1566. He measured unbelievable 5,880 meters above sea level (1,000 meters more than Mont Blanc). In 1569, Jiřík of Řáseň measured 2,035 m.

We strongly recommend not to underestimate weather. Please bear in mind that weather in the mountains changes suddenly. If there is a clear sky in the morning, one hour later it can be a completely different story. Do not forget to take suitable clothing to protect yourself from changing weather conditions.

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