If you are a cycling enthusiast like us, we believe that you will enjoy exploring of Giant Mountains and you get countless experiences. In addition to that, cycling and mountains suit always well together.

What can we offer you?

  • Bicycle storage
  • E-bike charging place
  • A place where you can repair / clean your bike
  • Servicing and cleaning tools
  • Bicycle rental with a 10% discount at a close rental shop
  • Assistance with choosing a suitable route according to your wishes
  • Maps for better orientation in mountains

What options does špindl and its surrounding offer?

Our guesthouse is a great starting point for cycling, based on the fact that around our surrondings you may find more than 100 km of cycling paths, which are not only for advanced bikers, but also for families with children. When you will wake up with the morning sun, you may enjoy our healthy breakfast, take your bike and get the best out of this experience!

Here you will find three cycling routes, but as we say in the Giant Mountains- you will see the secret of mountains when you come. Thus,we keep special routes as a surprise for you.

Relaxing trip to a hut by white elbe and waterfalls

We are pleased to recommend this trip, epecially if you are a family with children because you will find children’s playground all along the way with various activities. The beginning of the route is little steep, after the first four kilometers you will see first place where children can play on a large forest playground. From this place you reach in approximately 600m Hut by the White Elbe, where you can have a snack before continuing with the next part.

In front of the building are bicycle stands, where you can lock your bikes and go by foot to Čertova Strouha (waterfalls) along the yellow marked path. This path is an educational trail that offers countless views. After visiting the waterfalls, it is necessary to return along the same route to the Hut by the White Elbe (total distance by foot 3 km). As soon as you start cycling again, the best way to return back is to take the Dřevařská cesta (also along the yellow path), which is steep at the beginning (you can push the bikes), but after coming to the top you may enjoy a beuatiful view on the surroding mountains and just ride down and you are back in Špindl!

Suitable for: families with children
Time required: cycling 2-4 hours, 1.5 hours by foot
Elevation: 407 m
Total length: 12.7km by bike + 3 km by foot
Highest peak: 1093 m.n.m.

 Please note: Map does not display the additional route to waterfalls

Exploring the best views - vrbatova and labská bouda

Are you a cycling enthusiast who likes to push the limits on a steep and long hill for a seeing a nice view? Here you can be sure you've come to the right place! This route begins with a three-kilometer-long hill in terrain up to the first point - Horní Mísečky, from where an asphalt road leads to the first refreshment point - Vrbatova bouda. Above Vrbatova bouda we find Monument of Hanč and Vrbata, which reminds us of a fight between two brave cross-country skiers against bad weather. However, from here you may enjoy an admirable view on the surrounding mountains and the highest mountain Sněžka.

After enjoying the view, you may continue for another four kilometers down the hill to Labská Bouda from where can see Labský Tall and Vysoké Kolo. It is necessary to go back along the same path to Horní Mísečky, based on the fact the entire are is in nature park.

Suitable for: advanced cyclists
Time required: 2-3 hours
Elevation: 786 m
Total length: 24km by bike
Highest peak: 1409 m.n.m.

Round trip around Špindlerův mlýn, Petrova, Moravská and Davidova bouda

This trip is one of the most flexible from all the trips. It can be easily shortened or extended. The first part of the route to Špindlerův bouda has twelve kilometers and leads along beautiful asphalt roads. Here you have the first reward - in the form of a nice view and tasty food in restaurant.

From this point you might decide according to your preferences - either you go back along the asphalt road to Špindlerův Mlýn, or you will continue along gravel path to Petrova Bouda. Here we have to point out that a two-kilometer steep hill is definitely worth it, as it also offers a beautiful view on Giant Mountains. And now - THE BEST NEWS for cyclists who like down-hill cycling. A more than six-kilometer decline to Špindlerův Mlýn will make the end of the trip even more pleasurable!

Suitable for: all kinds of cyclists
Time required: 1-2.5 hours
Elevation: 653 m
Overall length: 20 km
Highest peak: 1282 m.n.m

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